Our Process

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This is how we work:

As soon as a meeting appointment is set up, one of our consultants will visit you in your home.

During this meeting, we want to understand your values, your beliefs, and what is important to you, so that the companies we suggest reflect who you are as a person.

We will then discuss with you what you think you would like your funeral to look like, ie formal chapel service, outdoor setting, more relaxed atmosphere etc.

After finding out the things that are important to you, we will have a general discussion about the way the funeral industry works and what the possibilities are to accommodate your wishes.

We will then look at different funeral companies with you and find one that would best suit your need and in some cases recommend the actual arranger.

You have the option of having two different companies to look at and compare.

Once we have got to know and understand you, we can guide you to choose your own celebrant who will write a personalised service for you.

We can show you how best to utilise your gifted copy of Some Things I Might Not Have Told You... but you might like to know

We will then provide our written recommendation to you within 48 hours of our meeting.

An additional option is to have us attend the arrangement with you, this will incur an additional cost.

Many people think all funeral companies are the same – we beg to differ!

Others believe funeral companies are only out to rip you off, but that isn’t always the case.

The best way to go about it is to be knowledgeable about what you need and where you would find it.

If you know how the industry works, then you will know the right questions to ask. For example: Did you know many companies can provide an all-female staff services at very competitive prices?

Funerals are expensive these days, so you must understand the Do’s and Don’ts. This will enable you to spend wisely, within your budgets and yet fulfilling the essentials, if money is of concern.

Yet it is not so much about the price as what you need and want. It’s about knowing where you want your service to be held, that reflects your life. Do you want a formal chapel with gothic columns when you were a bloke from the bush? Do you know where you can hold a funeral?

Your imagination only limits you, and of course, a few council regulations!

We at Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy only charge a minimum fee for a consultation, this is easily saved just by knowing the right questions to ask. Rest assured that you will not be recommended to any companies just because of kickbacks and commissions. We truly believe in bringing only the best companies for your needs at this critical time.

All consults come with two complimentary copies of Some Things I Might Not Have Told You…. but you might like to know',

a comprehensive record of your wishes and essential documentation.