Our Pricing


Yes, we all want to know what things cost, and we want to be upfront and transparent about it.

In simple terms, this is what our fee covers:

  • We will get to know you, what is important to you and explain to you how the industry works
  • We will guide you in your choice of funeral director by giving you at least one if not two options to consider
  • We will advise you about the 'must-haves' and options that you are likely to be presented with
  • We can guide you to better venues, thinking a little outside the square to suit your needs.
  • We can help you select a celebrant who will write a personalized service to suit you.

All in the comfort of your own home. If you are on your own, you are welcome to have someone else with you (a friend/family member), if that makes you feel more comfortable.

$495.00 (incl gst)

Arrangement Engagement

A further option is to engage us to sit with you through a pre-paid, pre-arranged, or ‘at need’ (meaning you need their service now) funeral meeting. While this is usually a separate service, you are sure to save on that by engaging us and just having someone there to advocate for you.

Should you want us to come with you when you are meeting with a funeral director to organize a funeral or arrange a pre-paid/pre-arranged funeral, the additional fee is $495.00.