Thank you!.png

Like every business, there are a lot of people who work towards making change, for which YWFA is very grateful.

In particular to:

  • The funeral companies who have so generously shared with me their processes to enable me to learn even more about their businesses
  • The many funeral companies and arrangers who have engaged my services as a funeral celebrant since 2002
  • David Nugent for constructing this website
  • Helen Shaw
  • Jo Fairy from Field of View Sports Photography
  • Md Abdul Jalil for the design of Some Things I Might Not Have Told You booklet
  • The following photographers who so graciously allowed me to use their work:
    Simon Wilkes
    Valentin Salja
    Rene Molenkamp
    Illiya Vjestica
    Danielle Franchi
    Alexander Mils

With my heartfelt thanks,

Robyn O'Connell