The Importance of Records

Robyn O'Connell has developed and updated this extensive guidebook since it was originally written in 2004.

It includes information that your executor will need including things like your Apple ID and safe combinations. Are you aware that if no one knows your Apple ID password, it cannot be recovered under any circumstances at all?

Many people have home safes and then don't tell anyone what the code is, therefore rendering the need to have professional security person come out to the house to break into it, all at a significant cost.

More importantly, it can contain valuable memories for your family about your life and provide those preparing the funeral and eulogy useful and important information about your wishes.

Please note: Our consultation comes with two complimentary copies of the booklet.


Some Things I Might Not Have Told You....but you might like to know

A booklet to record your wishes and memories.

AUD 19.95

Your Grief Journey bookmark

This bookmark is a lovely gift for someone to keep if sent with a card, it's always good to keep a few on hand in case you need one. Complete with tassle, it can bring comfort or be a memento of someone you loved.


Your Grief Journey bookmark

A bookmark to give as a gift to someone who is bereaved or to have as a memory keepsake.

AUD 4.95

What Happens When You Die?

...........A child's questions answered.

This is the story of Jamie, his uncle died in his mid 20's. Jamie is confused - don't just old people die? He has lots of questions, not just about why someone dies, but also about what happens. Originally published in 2004, this book is suitable for primary aged children and is still available through bookshops if needed urgently, however it can still be ordered here with free postage.


What Happens When You Die? A child's questions answered

A book for primary aged children about a younger person dying and their funeral.

AUD 19.95